Having travelled across the entire Canadian Rockies starting from Vancouver to Jasper, Lake Louise, we were finally now at the last town of Banff in the Canadian Rockies.  As with Jasper, we decided to stop at Banff for 2 nights to allow ourselves sufficient time to explore this vibrant resort town.

If shopping at Jasper was a unique experience, then Banff could only be described comparatively as vibrant.   In fact, downtown Banff was so much larger than Jasper’s that you will likely need a day or more to explore it fully.

Not just that, the resort town of Banff proved to be a wonderful place for shopping.  So if you are intending to explore the Canadian Rockies, set aside some money and luggage space for Banff.   You will likely not go home empty handed.  For one, I had a wonderful time shopping for a dream-catcher here.  There were so many options that I found it hard to make a choice.

Perhaps because of its altitude or its proximity to the mountains, or perhaps, it was just due to the seasons, but the town of Banff had a rainy climate when we were there.  So we would just quickly pop into the shops whenever the drizzles came.

I love shopping, and these shops at Banff kept me entertained for hours!

Shopping with a great background scenery was a most invigorating experience.  There was nothing not to like about the town of Banff!

In fact, Banff is the oldest and largest town in the mountain parks – a fact reflected by its historical buildings and the size of its town.

Whether it is local shops or international brands, you’ll likely find something for yourself in these shops.  My personal favourite is Cascade Gifts for some affordable souvenirs for my family and friends.

The hotel that we stayed in – the Elk & Avenue Hotel is located along Banff Avenue, which is the main shopping street – an incredibly long one which would eventually lead to a bridge that crosses over the Bow River.

I simply love the location of the Elk & Avenue Hotel.

There were actually not many other hotels located in Banff Avenue, and those that were, looked expensive to us.

Banff Avenue is crossed by other smaller shopping streets such as Wolf Street, Caribou Street, and Buffalo Street.

Some other hotels that you might want to consider staying along Banff Avenue include King Edward Hotel and the Mount Royal Hotel.

We had a good time shopping along Banff Avenue during our 2 nights’ stay at Elk & Avenue Hotel in Banff.

Join us next as we explore the dining options in downtown Banff.

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