In this installment of our Taiwan Travel Guide Series, we bring you the best things to eat and see at Yizhong Street in Taichung.

Fengjia Night Market may be the de facto night market to go to when you are in Taichung.  However, do you know that Yizhong Street is also one of the best places for shopping and eating in Taichung.

Yizhong Night Market (一中街) – One of the best places for eating and shopping in Taichung

Yizhong Street (一中街) in Taichung is akin to the Bugis Street of Singapore and the Ximending of Taipiei. If you are looking for fashionable clothes and accessories at budget prices, you will enjoy Yizhong Street. Besides the fantastic shopping here, there’s also plenty to eat at its night market.

Yizhong Street in Taichung
If you want to busk in the local shopping and eating culture, you must not miss out on Yizhong Street in Taichung

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Shopping at Yizhong Street (一中街)

Yizhong Street (一中街), sometimes also known as Yizhong Commercial District (一中商圈), is located near many educational institutions, hence the profile of the crowd here is somewhat younger.

The entire Yizhong area is a favourite among locals to eat and shop. The street is lined with small-alley boutiques where you will find trendy clothing and accessories at budget prices.

Here, you will also find Zhongyou Department Store (中友百貨) and major retailers such as DHC, Laniege, Cosmed and Watsons around the vicinity.

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What to eat at Yizhong Street (一中街)

There’s plenty of good food here at Yizhong Street. We highly recommend trying the street food at the night market, although there are also some great cafes and restaurants nearby.

Half Moon Bake (半月燒)

This street food at Yizhong Street is a sandwich shaped like a crescent moon.  You get to stuff it with your choice of meat fillings.  Best eaten while piping-hot.

Yizhong Street Half Moon Bake
Half Moon Bake stall at Yizhong Street, Taichung
Stuffed with a meat filling of your choice, it is crispy outside, soft and tenderized on the inside

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Crispy Egg Crepes (脆皮鸡蛋糕)

These crispy egg crepes are stuffed with either chocolate, peanut or cheese, very much like a pancake.  It is worth a try if not for the taste, then for its cuteness.

Yizhong Street crispy egg crepes
Look out for this stall that sells crispy egg crepes
Yizhong Street crispy egg crepes
These crispy egg crepes are too cute to be eaten!

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Angel Fried Mushrooms (天使菇麻吉)

Mushroom lovers rejoice! If there is one food we highly recommend at Yizhong Street, it is this one. There are 3 varieties of fried mushrooms you can choose from – Shiitake, King Oyster and Enoki. Rather than getting one of each type, you can also buy an assorted mix of mushrooms.  It is piping hot, fragrant and bite-sized – perfect for a cool evening out in the street.

Yizhong Street Angel Fried Mushrooms
Angel Fried Mushrooms – A must-try if you are a mushroom lover
Yizhong Street Angel Fried Mushrooms
Assorted fried mushrooms. It may look like a small packet, but it’s sufficient for two. Don’t leave without trying this!

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Charcoal-grilled chicken cutlet (碳烤雞排)

Most of us are familiar with the deep fried chicken cutlet at the famous Shilin Night Market. However in recent years, there’s the advent of a variant at Taiwan’s Night Markets – the charcoal grilled chicken cutlet. Whether you like it or not is subjective, but we suggest that you give it a try. I very much prefer the fried version though.

Yizhong Street Charcoal Grilled Chicken Cutlet
Charcoal grilled chicken cutlets is a new food trend in Taiwan’s Night Markets
Yizhong Street Fried Chicken Cutlet
If charcoal grilled chicken is not your thing, you can try out this stall selling traditional fried chicken cutlet. It is easily the biggest stall selling chicken cutlet

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Ah Yue Red Tea (阿月紅茶冰)

Lots of locals queue up for this, so we had a go at it too.  The tea here is of high quality, do give it a try.

Ah Yue Red Tea
Ah Yue Red Tea is a favorite here at Yizhong Street, Taichung
Ah Yue Red Tea
My copy of Ah Yue Red Tea, for two to share

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How to go to Yizhong Street

Taichung is a place where, at the time of writing, buses are the only forms of public transport within the city .

If you are staying in the vicinity of Fengjia Night Market, you can take bus 35 to the National Taichung University of Science and Technology bus stop . The journey takes about 35 minutes.  If you are travelling in a group and looking for convenience and a cost-effective way, taking the taxi will be your best choice.

We hope you find this article useful in your trip planning.  We love to hear from you.  Please drop us your comments in the comments box below.

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