Zhongshe Flower Market is one of the most Instagrammable spots in Taichung.  In this installment of our Taiwan Travel Guide Series, we bring you to a half day tour of Zhongshe Flower Market.

Zhongshe Flower Market – Top Attraction in Taichung

Zhongshe Flower Market, sometimes known as Chungshe Tourist Flower Market is nothing like its name. It is not a flower market as its name suggests although there’s a horticulture shop at its premises if you like to bring a potted plant or two back home.  Zhongshe Flower Market is actually a top-notch flower garden with large fields of flowers blooming in season.


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What’s so Special About Zhongshe Flower Market

Those who cannot afford to go to Holland to see tulips in bloom can rejoice. Zhongshe Flower Market is the only place that has succeeded in cultivating tulips in the low altitude areas of central Taiwan. They do so by adopting special refrigeration techniques to regulate flowering time. Each year, a whooping 300,000 tulip bulbs of various varieties are planted and are in full bloom from January to March.

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Most places of interest in Taichung are not easily accessible by public transport. If you are looking to visit the top attractions in Taichung – Miyahara, Rainbow Village, Gaomei Wetlands and the National Taichung Theater in a convenient way, why not consider taking a day tour.  This day tour is value-for-money and covers the above attractions in Taichung all within a day.

Tulips in bloom at Zhongshe Flower Market
Tulips in bloom
Tulip Fields at Zhongshe Flower Market
The fields of tulips are the best attraction

We were fortunate to be at Zhongshe Flower Market in January to see the tulips in full bloom. However, this unfortunately also means that we missed out on the sunflowers, which are in season only from May to October. You can check out the flowers that are in season at the official website of Zhongshe Flower Market.

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Sea of Flowers – Beautiful and Peaceful

The main attraction here, besides the seasonal tulips in bloom are the flower fields which gives the impression of a sea of flowers in a wide 6 hectares of land with the mountain as a natural backdrop.  The spacious fields are planted by a professional team giving rise to a large expanse of natural brilliant colours.  Visit this place in the early morning and be enthralled by how peaceful and serene this garden can be!

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Zhongshe Flower Market is not easily accessible by public transport.  If you are looking for convenience, why not consider a day tour to Zhongshe Flower Market.  This day tour includes the cost of admission.  It also includes a visit to Yuemei Sugar Factory and a museum.

Great Photography Site for Family and Loved Ones

If you are a photography enthusiast, or simply looking for a beautiful place to take pictures of your family and loved ones, Zhongshe Flower Market will be the perfect location. And you need not even be someone who likes flowers. The gorgeous flower fields and specially created thematic backdrops will give a dream-like and fairy-tale quality to your pictures.

Beautiful Windmill Backdrop at Zhongshe Flower Market

Piano in flower field at Zhongshe Flower Market

If you happen to be here at the correct season, you can take part in strawberry picking which comes at an additional cost.

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Strawberry Field at Zhongshe Flower Market
Looking for something family fun activities? Why not try your hand at strawberry picking?

Some close-ups of my favourite flowers.  Notice the bees and butterflies here?

My favourite besides the tulip fields must be the rose bushes.

Rose Bushes
Rose bushes against the natural backdrop of the mountains

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Zhongshe Flower Market Admission Tickets

Admission tickets to Zhongshe Flower Market are available at the entrance to the Flower Field zone. At the time of writing, ticket prices are NT150 (about SGD$6.60) per adult during the tulip season from January to March, and NT120 (about SGD$5.30) during other months of the year.

Admission Tickets to Zhongshe Flower Market
Admission Tickets can be bought at the entrance

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Central Taiwan’s Largest BBQ Spot

Zhongshe Flower Market also happens to house the largest indoor BBQ spot in central Taiwan, with the capacity to serve up to 800 people. It is a freestyle buffet type of meal with unlimited flow of BBQ ingredients at a fixed price. It is most perfect for families and large groups. Dining at the BBQ restaurant here will also entitle you to free admission to the flower market.

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Bring a Plant Home

Inspired by the beauty of the flower fields and keen on developing green fingers? The large horticulture shop at the entrance of the flower market stocks all kinds of potted plants, saplings, seeds, and gardening supplies. Don’t forget to take a look before you leave!

Drop by the shop for some locally harvested honey or honey-products. Or be enthralled by the colony of bees on display here.

Bees at at Zhongshe Flower Market
Nest of bees. See if you can spot the queen bee here!
Bees Colony at Zhongshe Flower Market
Close up of the bees

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Tips for Visiting Zhongshe Flower Market

  • Try and be at Zhongshe as soon as it opens if you do not want people photobombing your perfect shots. It is usually peaceful at the early opening hours until the crowds come in at about 10:30am.
  • Arrange your travel itinerary such that you visit on a weekday. Weekends tend to be busiest at this attraction.
  • Bring a wide-brim hat and apply lots of sunscreen. The place is wide open and totally exposed to the elements with little places for shelter!
  • Dress in your best clothes for picture-taking! The flower market has lots of beautiful man-made and natural backdrops that are picture-perfect, especially for couples.
  • There are at least 2 other flower markets/exhibitions in Taichung. Be sure that you are at the correct one!

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Getting to Zhongshe Flower Market

Zhongshe Flower Market is located in Taichung, but it is possible to visit this attraction as a day trip from Taipei. All you need to do is to take the HSR from Taipei to Taichung and transfer to the local trains. However, the flower market is quite inconveniently situated and is quite a distance to walk even from the nearest train station in Taichung which is Tai’an Station. We strongly recommend taking the taxi from the train station or opting for a day tour.

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Zhongshe Flower Market is not easily accessible by public transport.  If you are looking for convenience, why not consider a day tour to Zhongshe Flower Market.  This day tour includes the cost of admission.  It also includes a visit to Yuemei Sugar Factory and a museum.

We hope you find this article useful in your trip planning. We love to hear from you. Please drop us your comments in the comments box below.

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